The Home Connect app from Siemens is the future of innovation…

In today’s modern world, the world and home are becoming increasingly connected. The Siemens Home Connect app can now monitor, control and communicate with your Siemens Home Appliances, from anywhere, at any time.

This technology has evolved into something bigger and can create a fully connected home for you and the family.

The Home Connect app by Siemens offers control you never knew you needed and will transform your home. Our world is becoming increasingly smarter by the minute, so whether it’s checking the fridge from the shop, or sending a recipe straight to your oven, Siemens Smart Home Appliances with Home Connect lets your world grow every day and takes control of a busy life.

Cooking appliances

Choose from a wide range of meals on recipeWorld and send them wirelessly to your smart oven in an instant.


There are numerous variations of built-in ovens from Siemens that are connected to the Home Connect.

  • Shorten your cooking time with the varioSpeed.
  • Preheat the oven faster than before


  • Remote controlling/ Remote Monitoring where you can check the hob from anywhere. With the Wi-Fi enabled Siemens cooking appliances and the Home Connect app you can monitor the on/off status, active cooking zones, and timer status.


  • climateControl sensor technology detects steam and smells automatically
  • emotionLight allows you to change your hood light colour to create an individual room atmosphere.
  • cookConnect System- enables your hob to talk to your hood, giving you complete and convenient control of both appliances. When the hob turns on the hood will then start automatically and stops when the cooking is complete..


Enjoy the world of coffee while relaxing on your sofa. With a Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machine and Home Connect, in just one app you can discover the world of great coffee.

  • coffeePlaylist can surprise and spoil your guests with a playlist of different coffee variations. Take multiple orders and let the coffee centre prepare them one after another.
  • coffeeWorld offers you a great variety of international coffee styles. Find your favourite and remotely send the choice to your Siemens smart coffee machine.
  • Use the intuitive app to choose and create your desired drink, then transfer it straight to your Siemens smart coffee centre.


The Siemens smart washing machine gives you true washing flexibility.

  • easyStart finds the ideal wash programme in seconds. If you are unsure on how to wash a garment, just answer a few simple questions about the fabric and colour on the app, then easyStart will remotely send the recommended settings straight to your smart washing machine.
  • Remote Monitoring and Remote Controlling gives you fresh laundry at any time. Home Connect gives you complete control over the washing no matter where you are.
  • Stay connected to your clothes with reminders on your phone by push notifications.


A Siemens Wi-Fi fridge gives you full control. With two built-in cameras and innovative remote monitor/control capabilities – you will never have to leave your dinner to chance.

  • In fridge camera allows you to check your food from your phone. Forgot something on the shopping list? With the Home Connect app, you can check your fridge from anywhere. It can even advise you on how to best store your food.
  • Remote Controlling and Remote Monitoring is a logical way to keep food at its best. You can set up push notifications to alert you if the door has accidentally been left open, or the temperature has risen above a certain level.
  • The storage guide is so powerful it organizes your fridge. Siemens fridges scan your food with the two built-in cameras to provide nutritional information, shelf-life times and optimal storage recommendations.


The Home Connect app will automatically recommend the ideal programme to you for your smart dishwasher – all you have to do is tap start.

  • Amazon Dash Replenishment Service can re-order tables automatically when they are running low. The software monitors the number of dishwashing cycles, reordering dishwasher detergent just in time for a replacement.
  • emotionLight Pro allows you to personalise the inner LED light on your studioLine smart dishwasher. Create a seamless look to integrate with your kitchen or create a striking contrast.


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As suppliers of popular Siemens appliances, we can offer their complete range of built-in appliances all with state-of-the-art technology wrapped up into a very attractive looking piece of equipment for your new (or existing) kitchen. Contact us today for more info on the Siemens appliances – we look forward to hearing from you.