Silestone is one of the largest names in the stone worktop industry. Their parent company is Cosentino who also offer Granite, Quartz and Sinterized Particle Techology (Dekton).

Silestone represents quartz material with a surface made up of 90% natural quartz, which have been designed to be hard and resilient in areas such as kitchen worktops, bathrooms, floors and wall cladding. There are a wide range of colours available with varying surface finishes to complete the look in your hub of the home whether it’s to look like natural stone or a stunning marble effect.

They come with the advantage of being non-porous and low maintenance, and the weight and density is similar to that of granite and is cut and fabricated in the way granite should be.

The difference between Quartz and Granite

Quartz and Granite are both durable products to form worktops in a kitchen and bathroom. Granite is formed from a natural rock, which is cut in its natural state then polished in homes. Quartz is an engineered stone made up of 93% natural quartz mineral and the 7% made up of fragments, pigments and resin to give the slab overall strength and a consistent design. They are more than just beautiful; they are one of nature’s hardest minerals.

Quartz and Granite are long lasting products, with low maintenance and heat and scratch resistant properties.

Five popular colours within the Silestone Quartz range…

White Storm

White Storm from Silestone resembles a radiant galaxy in crystal with a dazzling look. It provides a consistency and will suit any style and look including contemporary, traditional and modern kitchens.


Serena is made up of an eternal grey backdrop and exceptional white veins. It was inspired by the classic Pietra Serena limestone from Italy, and the characteristics from the stone represent the natural look.

Calacutta Gold

This unique stone offers a white background with veins running throughout, showing off the natural beauty of the famous Italian stones. It will bring a soft touch to any kitchen design.

Eternal Statuario

The classic design of the Statuario transforms any kitchen design with beauty and balance. Its thin lines throughout give more definition throughout the quartz making it one of the popular stones on the market.

Eternal Marquina

An intense depth of black is featured in this stone that reflects beauty and exclusivity whether in bright lit spaces or dark. It has been inspired by the most famous marble from Spain, the Negro Marquina.