Drinking more wine at home has become more and more popular in recent years and more so than ever right now. We are also coming up to the Summer months so why not take advantage of a cold beverage. The sales of wine coolers have increased as we realise the importance of looking after our wine. There are so many benefits to storing your wine in the right conditions, so when you are entertaining family and friends, you’ll be able to offer them a glass of delicious wine at the perfect temperature.

It started back when The Romans discovered the benefits of storing wine underground, they soon realised that when the wine was kept in the dark and in a cool, even temperature it kept its quality.

A wine academy in Trentino, Italy conducted a survey a few years ago revealing that even slight variations in temperature are enough to alter the quality of the wine. The researchers stored 200 bottles of Tuscan red in a professional cellar between 15-17°C and another 200 in domestic conditions between 20 and 27°C. Two years went by, and the wine stored in the domestic conditions had aged faster and had a poorer flavour than the wine stored in cellar conditions.

Many of us don’t have space or energy to maintain a cellar but a specialist wine cooler is a good alternative. They work in the same way, keeping your wine a constant temperature, humidity and protecting it from damaging UV rays.

When choosing your Wine Chiller

  • Make sure it has UV protection on the glass doors. This will ensure your wine stays better for longer. Glass fronted models look good, but will allow light in which can spoil the wine.
  • Look out for models that have different zones so you can store reds and whites in the same chiller at their optimum temperature.
  • Figure out where your chiller will be placed. At Blax Kitchens we will advise on where best to place it, whether it be amongst the run of kitchen cabinetry or making a bold statement in your island.
  • Choosing a slimline model allows you to add a little luxury to your kitchen without compromising space in a smaller kitchen.
  • You want to look at telescopic shelving as it makes selecting your wine that little easier. Shelves that are slightly angled are great too so you can see what wine you have without having to open the door.


There are many models available, from towering 150 bottles, three-temperature-zone freestanding fridges to mini 15cm slot in coolers to suit smaller areas.

Coolers with two or three temperature zones allow you to store red, white and even Champagne in perfect conditions. White wine needs to be 10 to 15°C, rosé 9.5 to 10.5°C, red 15.5 to 18.5°C and Champagne and sparkling wine 7 to 9.5°C.

Look out for a compressor cooling system, this is what maintains the right temperature for the wine to keep its complex flavour. Opt for coolers with anti-vibration gaskets and low-vibration compressors too. This helps to prevent the disturbance to the wine’s sediment balance, which could affect the flavour.

Designing it into your kitchen

There is a whole range of wine coolers available that are perfect for your space, from sizes and capacities. Smaller models allow you to have a few bottles to hand, fitting within a limited space. Undercounter models slot perfectly into islands and are great in kitchen diners for when entertaining, making accessing them easily. Larger models allow you to group them together with other cooling appliances.

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