“You really want to show off your cooking appliances, and Miele does just that with the Induction Hob!”

Hobs are the focal point in any hub of the home, whether on an island or integrated into a run of units. Miele hobs offer an attractive range of designs, such as glass and stainless steel that fit in with every kitchen design. The ceramic glass on the top is so easy to clean, no food residue will be left on the top at any time. The hob surface stays relatively cool so you are able to do this.

Everyone wants to cook with perfection, and Miele allows this in their designs. The hobs are featured with so many controls to make your cooking easy aswell as very enjoyable. Convenience and safety is always key with Miele appliances, and the best technologies have been built to this.

There is a right size for every kitchen. Classic, convenient and generous are all available to purchase. The classic is a 60cm wide hob that is a space-saving appliance, offering three or four cooking zones. The convenient is 75cm wide, that offers three to six cooking zones. Last but not least the generous is 90cm wide and offers three to five cooking zones. So you can see that there is one for all sorts of lifestyles and preference.

The three frames…

The ceramic glass with all-round stainless-steel frame. The ceramic glass on this particular hob is protected on all sides, by a high-end stainless-steel frame. There are a range of frame designs available to choose from.

Ceramic glass for flush-fit installation. This is a frameless hob that works perfectly blended into the kitchen worktop. So if flush-looking appliances are for you, then this hob is a must. No sharp corners or edges visible.







Bevelled glass edges. This is an elegant design with bevelled edges on two sides, or all the way around.

Miele’s technology within the induction hob…

[email protected] 2.0…

A future-proof technology that is an automatic function that allows you to fully concentrate on your cooking. You will not have to turn the cooker hood on and off, thanks to the technology the [email protected] 2.0 provides. It automatically adjusts the extraction to what is cooking on the hob, and ensures a pleasant room climate. A wireless technology built for a gadget king.

PowerFlex Induction…

The PowerFlex is a versatile and flexible cooking experience. All oven dishes and large pasta pans can be used at the same time without a problem. They are heated up efficently with a booster of 7.4kW.

SmartSelect White…

Select power levels for different types of cooking the SmartSelect technology. Easy operation for a convenient life.


The TempControl is an intelligent technology for your hub of the home. Consistent optimum results for easy cooking, with safety always number one from Miele.

Keep Warm…

Keep food warm with this perfect function, and it also stops food from getting burnt.


The DirectSelection is a smart function, where you can control each cooking zone via a central keyboard.


  • If no cookware is on the hob, the hob will automatically switch off.
  • Incase of extreme heat the hob will shut off!
  • Lock the hob incase of accidental turning on.

Purchase from Currys

MIELEKM6118 Induction Hob – Black £823.00

Purchase from John Lewis

Miele KM6115 Induction Hob, Black £779.00