The German Kitchen revolution has stormed ahead in terms of craftsmanship and the endless possibilities of colours and finishes you can now have. 2019 is set to become an exctiting new year for kitchen design with outstanding kitchen trends. They have changed each year with new and ‘wow factor’ innovative designs. Below we look at some of the design trends that will make their way into 2019.

Darker worktops and Dark Cabinets

Darker kitchens found fame in 2018 and still continue to be strong in the kitchen trends of 2019. They will pretty much go with any other colour and accessory. The colour black is classic, elegant and attractive and available in a range of beautiful materials that will help create sophisticated and contemporary designs. If a black isn’t your choice and you still want to stay within the dark colour palette, a softer grey tone is perfect. Expose brick and beams to create an chic urban industrial kitchen theme. You could even add Dulux’s ‘Colour of the Year – Spiced Honey’ – a warm amber tone, inspired by the beauty and versatility of honey itself.

Below is a prime example of the brand new Hacker Systemat range in Dark Real Concrete at our client’s home in Benington, complete with lots of dark aesthetics. The cool airy floor brings the whole kitchen together for a sophisticated contemporary design.

Smart Appliances

In 2019 kitchens will see more induction cooking and venting hobs instead of downdraft appliances and gas cooking. Miele, Siemens and Bora each have technology between the food in the pan and the hob itself with fast and efficient results that will make every meal delicious.

We are official dealers of the incredible Bora induction glass cooktops with integrated cooktop extractor. We have a fully functioning BORA Basic in our showroom, which is seen below in the picture. Why don’t you visit our showroom @ Chase Side, Enfield to see this appliance at its very best.


Another statement trend for 2019 is mixing two opposite materials together for them to complement each other beautifully. Wood is making a comeback adding texture and warmth to the space.

Below is a great example of a unique mix including the Hacker Grey Pine and Taupe Satin handleless furniture. Our clients in Edgware recently built an extension on to their property and made it the perfect space for their hub of the home. The wood styled cabinets create a warmer feel to the kitchens aesthetics and add texture to the light airy kitchen space.


The industrial style has been around for many years, but the fresher version of the industrial design is to make it bolder and combine various materials for a brand-new look. Blends of strong dark materials and cooler materials such as silver and steel, give depth to the kitchens look and make it feel much more open.

Below in our Benington project the dark textured concrete cabinets, sleek dark appliances and a combination from the dark quartz worktop provides a bold depth to this new Hacker style. Cooler hues were also introduced to provide a fresher verion of the industrial style, such as the lighter quartz used on the island and metallic materials used on the fixtures and fittings.

Be bold

In 2019 splashes of colour will steal the show. There’s an array of colour choices which range from deep yellows, forest greens, intense blues, burnt oranges and terracotta reds. Colours set the tone of the design and space with the most ordinary objects standing out and becoming interesting.

Below is a great example of our Cashmere High Gloss handleless design, featuring a deep yellow splashback. The project in Watford utilises the available space and adds pops of colour where possible. The bold yellow looks magnificent against the light hues that make up this kitchen.


The softer appeal to a kitchens design is becoming big news to kitchen trends. Curved kitchens are a very modern approach to kitchen design. At Blax we can provide cabinets and worktops that appear to move and flow around, making it a very pleasant place to be.

Just like the curved island below in our Hertford project. The island makes a stunning focal point in this Art handleless hub of the home. The flowing minimalist approach provides elements to create a convivial social space to eat, chat or just to be together.

At Blax Kitchens we have lots of colours, styles and finishes to choose from that will fit right in with the kitchen design trends of 2019. If you would like to know more on our stunning German kitchens contact us now or visit our showroom – we look forward to hearing from you.