“Trust a brand that has stayed true with their promise!”

Miele was founded in 1899, and has stayed within their promise with their “Immer Bresser” brand. They keep the customer in mind all the time with their products, and want the customer knowing that they have made the best decision in choosing a Miele product. The company’s focus throughout the years was to create appliances for the kitchen, laundry room and the floor. Miele stands for long- term thinking and planning.


In 1899 Miele and Zinkann signed a contract to start work together. 1914 the first water-powered washing machine was produced. 1921 advertising for their products were designed. 1951 the washing machine left the outhouse and conquered the apartment. 1963 a new dishwasher is found. 1977 the microwave era begins. 1994 the company Miele becomes involved in customers kitchens. 2007 Miele presents the new built-in ranges and ovens with moisture plus. 2012 a new induction hob is introduced to the range. 2016 a whole new way of built-in appliances are made to suit the kitchens needs and customers personalities.

Miele Quality- has always been at the heart of the co founders and they want you to rely on their products. They test their products for customers satisfaction and remain loyal to whoever purchases from them.

Miele Technology- Miele technology offers great results with the lowest possible energy consumption. What else do you want…

Miele Convenience- Operating each appliance is easy and fun. Cooking can be chore, but having appliances that make it fun will make you a lover for cooking. Use the convenient buttons on the front of each appliance or using your smart phone. A gadget fit for a gadget geek!

Miele Design- Miele provides clean lines and timeless elegance in to their products. Miele is the perfect match to fit in with your kitchen.

Miele appliances come in an array of designs. Stainless Steel, Obsidian Black, Brilliant White and Havana Brown. the colour choice chosen have been created to create an important factor in maintaining an overall impression within the kitchen style and furniture. The Stainless Steel colour creates an eye-catching design with the jet black glass. The Obsidian Black gives the appliance elegance and depth and brings a simplicity of perfection. The Brilliant White creates an exciting contrast within the kitchen. And the Havana Brown complements the appliance in all ways impossible and is perfect for anyone that loves nature.

In the next few blogs I will be talking about the different appliances Miele has produced. Ovens, Microwaves, Cooker Hoods, Fridges, Freezers, Wine Fridges, Hobs, Cooker Ranges, Coffee Machines, Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers. I am certain that you will be wanting to look at Miele products and fitting them in with your luxurious German kitchen from us!