“Washing up is one of the country’s most hated chores, and infact a dishwasher saves more water than running a bowl to wash the dishes.”

Miele has come up with two types of dishwashers that are suitable for all hubs of the home aswell as the end user. A built-in dishwasher and freestanding ones are amongst Miele’s technology today. The freestanding dishwasher contain a hard-wearing laminated top that can actually be used as a worktop. Who would have thought! Extra worktop space is provided with this dishwasher. The key to a multi-functional kitchen is ample worktop space, so what better way than to add extra worktop space with a Miele freestanding dishwasher. The appliance is also not built in, so it can be moved to a more suitable location or preference and installed into a new kitchen. The built-in dishwasher comes in two designs: a semi-integrated and a fully integrated. The semi-integrated can match to the cabinetry of your kitchen units, which offers a fabulous seamless design. Fully integrated is concealed either behind a matching cabinetry front or the Miele clean steel front. They certainly will perfectly fit into your kitchen design.

Miele dishwashers are recommended by Riedel, who are a manufactuer of wine glasses. Delicate, expensive wine glasses can be washed in to these dishwashers by Miele. Choose a Miele dishwasher and your prayers will be answered for washing those tasteful but expensive wine glasses.

The Miele built-in dishwashers and freestanding ones are built from optimum convenience and to harmonise your kitchen. There are many features that are included in these dishwashers.

Patented 3D cutlery tray- large cutlery items can be placed in the more spacious tray. The width, height and depth can be adjusted to suit all load solutions.

Superior energy efficency- these perfect appliances from Miele combine perfect cleaning and drying results, with a very low elecricity and water consumption.

Quick power wash- excellent cleaning results within 58 minutes.

Brilliant light- four LED’s are situated within the interior of the dishwasher for brilliant bright light.

Best noise levels ever imagined- low noise levels with perfect results. You will never wake the baby or the dog!

No handles (Knock2open)- a perfect solution for handleless design. The door opens automatically when touched.

Freshwater- minimum water consumption is used when the dishwasher is on, and the very best cleaning results are shown.

SensorDry- an optimum drying result programme, that dry even under conditions that aren’t ideal.

Perfect solution with 3 different sizes…

Standard dishwashers- 81cm high, 60cm wide

XXL dishwashers- 85cm high, 60cm wide

Slimline dishwashers- 81cm high, 45cm wide

Purchase from John Lewis

Miele G4940BK Freestanding Dishwasher £519.00

Miele G4940i BRWH Semi-Integrated Dishwasher, White £829.00

Miele G6770 SCVi Fully Integrated Dishwasher £1,154.00

Purchase from Currys

MIELEG4720SCi clst Slimline Semi-integrated Dishwasher – Clean Steel £879.00

MIELEG4940SC Full-size Dishwasher – Steel £699.99