BORA was founded in 2006 by Willi Bruckbauer who developed and patented his first cooktop extractor system, the BORA Professional. The following year he founded the BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH to promote his vision of making a more attractive kitchen the most important room in the house. With his vision and creative mind, he invented an effective vapour extraction system that meets the highest standards in terms of both technology and aesthetic appeal.

We are official dealers of the incredible Bora induction glass cooktops with integrated cooktop extractor. We have a fully functioning BORA Basic in our showroom, which is seen below in the picture. Why don’t you visit our showroom @ Chase Side, Enfield to see this appliance at its very best.

A day cooking up some steaks on the BORA- Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming a BORA specalist to our showroom to cook up some succulent steaks on the BORA Basic in our showroom.

BORA System

The BORA System is complete with functional guarantee, and an all-round system that recirculates and exhausts air.

  • Optimal extraction performance with the lowest possible noise level- With significant reduced pressure loss in comparison to usual exhaust systems, the BORA Ecotube plus 3box wall sleeve optimises the extraction performance and the generation of noise.
  • Effective odour removal- The whole of the kitchen space will be filled with fresh, odourless ambient air. The air cleaning boxes and integrated filter solutions effectively remove unpleasant odours in recirculation mode- and for a long time.
  • Energy-saving fans- Cutting-edge fans with the latest motor technology guarantee the highest level of energy efficiency and smooth operation at maximum performance.

Exhaust System

The BORA exhaust system removes all vapours and odours from the cooking area. BORA systems use intelligent flow technology rather than a high flow volume to save energy.

Recirculation System

The BORA recirulation system is the alternative solution to exhaust-air variants. It keeps the air in kitchens fresh, and eliminates odours from the kitchen exhaust air system. Ideal for passive houses as well as low and nearly zero-energy buildings.

BORA products available

BORA Professional 2.0

The Bora Professional is a combination of a high-quality extractor and powerful, extra-deep cooktops. With its low-noise fan integrated in the plinth area of the kitchen, the extractor remains silent even at high power levels.

  • Intelligent control knob- A combination of classic, simple knob control that makes it easy to access the intelligent functions.
  • Automatic cover flap- The cover flap opens and closes automatically when the extractor is operated.
  • Oversized 4 24 cooking surface- With extra-deep 54cm cooktops, the BORA Professional gives you even more room to cook. 2 large pots can easily be placed one behind the other.
  • Automatic extractor control- The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself according to the current cooking conditions.
  • Accurate temperature control- The required temperature can be set directly and is maintained.
  • Variable heat retention function- Choose from 3 heat retention levels with different temperature levels depending on how or what you are cooking.

BORA Classic 2.0

The BORA Classic 2.0 is a combination of a high-quality extractor and various powerful cooktops. The unique operating panel is simpler than ever, as it works with just a swipe of your index finger up or down.

  • Minimum volume- Extremely quiet- even on high power levels, so your cooking of conversations won’t be disturbed.
  • Simple cleaning- All parts that come into contact with cooking vapours can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Oversized 4 24 cooking surface- With the extracor being central within the appliance, no space is taken up by the controls on the cooktop, so there is enough room to cook with 4 pots measuring up to 24cm at the same time.
  • Minimalistic design- When the appliance is on standby, the operating panel is virtually invisible and during operation it is scaled down to the essentials thanks to intelligent lighting.

BORA Classic

The BORA Classic is combination of a high-quality extractor and various powerful cooktops. Due to the flush installation of the extractor and cooktops it creates a minimalist design for a seamlessly modern kitchen.

  • Genuine stainless steel grease filter- The stainless steel grease filter within this appliance will not perish with ongoing cleaning in the dishwasher. It will retain its original appearance.
  • Compact size- The BORA Classic is a compact system that fits into almost any kitchen. It creates room for additional wall units due to not having an extractor hood.
  • Modular system- Induction, gas and Tepan stainless steel grills can all be combined with the extraction system, achieving an ultimate cooking experience.
  • Maximum energy efficiency- The system achieves very low energy consumption thanks to the state-of-the-art fan technology.

BORA Basic

The BORA Basic is a powerful duo. BORA have combined a high-performance cooktop and an effective extractor to create an attractive unit. Various sizes and functions offer alternatives for every kitchen.

  • Free choice of cooktop- With a BORA the choice is yours. Induction models, electric cooktops with conventional radiant heating elements, are all suited and available, meaning customers will always find a suitable product at BORA.
  • Automatic extractor control- The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself according to current cooking conditions. Focus on your cooking without having to worry about manually adjusting the settings.
  • Variable heat retention function- You can choose from 3 heat retention levels with different temperature levels depending on how or what you are cooking. Food can be kept warm at a constant temperature without any danger of burning it.


The BORA Pure has a simple and minimalist design that can be customised so that you can add your own personal touch. Install these flush and watch the perfect line blend discreetly and elegantly with any modern kitchen design.

  • Intuitive sControl- Move your finger up and down the unique vertical slider to operate the settings.
  • eSwap- In the recirculation mode the odours are neutralised by a highly efficient activated charcoal filter.
  • Minimum volume- Even at high powers the BORA is quiet. The optimal airflow and the use of an extremely low-noise fan create an undisrupted entertaining and cooking area.
  • Simple cleaning- All parts are easily removed to be cleaned.

If you would like to find out more on BORA products contact us today- we look forward to hearing from you.