“Keep up with your cooking skills using a Miele oven

Looking for that spectacular appliance that will work great in your newly fitted German kitchen from us at Blax… I think I have just the cure to finish off the hub of the home. You will never get bored of cooking and you will never think cooking is a chore again.

The Miele ovens are a fascinating bit of kit that feature so many different things on so many different levels.

The oven contains a Moisture Plus mode that perfects baking and roasting results to a tee. The crusts become brown on a pie and the bread tastes fresh just out of a bakery. There will certainly be knocking on your door when neighbours or guests smell the aromas of the freshly baked bread. The meat also becomes tender in this oven and succulent for those taste buds. Just hearing about the Moisture Plus function has already got me excited for the next things I am about to say that the oven also features.

A wireless food probe is integrated in to the oven that has a countdown indicator to tell you when the meat or fish is ready.

Safety is always a key aspect when designing appliances and Miele has done just this with it’s design for the telescopic runners. They allow easy removal of baking trays so you can turn oven the meat easily without burning yourself and can remove the tray at ease. They also have a cooling system that allows the oven to be cool to the touch. This is maximum protection from getting burnt. If you forget to ever turn off the oven, it will automatically switch off if it has been on for a long period of time. The appliance can also be locked, just incase a child switches it on by accident.

Special automatic programmes are there to programme five popular dishes. So if you are baking a sponge, this can be baked perfectly every time using this function. Never have a fully risen yorkshire pudding? Well fear not because your yorkshire puds will rise perfectly every time with guaranteed success.

Has drying fruit ever been on your mind? Well using the special applications within the oven can perfectly do this, as well as proving dough!

The automated programmes are great to cook and bake cakes. Cook meat to perfection and brown the delicious recipes off.

Miele ovens can be placed directly below the hob or at eye level. Suit your needs and cool with convenience using the range of built-in ovens. They are available in various sizes:

  • Extra Large– 90cm wide and 48cm high
  • Classic– 60cm wide and 60cm high
  • Compact– 60cm wide and 45cm high

You will be sure to find one that’s perfect for your kitchen.

Bake and roast with sufficient space using the variety of different sized cooking capacity.

  • Extra Large– 90 litres that offers plenty of space for baking and roasting with a 3 level shelving system
  • Large- Capacity– a 5 level shelving system with great room and flexibility for cooking and baking
  • Classic– a 4 rack level system that has space for perfect preparation of food
  • Compact– a 3 rack level system with space that’s the same size as the large capacity oven

Make baking more fun with the three cleaning systems:

  • Perfect Clean Finish– a unique non-stick finish that is produced on to the racks that can easily be cleaned from all the dirt and grime
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning– a self-cleaning feature that turns all food residue to ash, and can easily be removed
  • Pyrofit– is a cleaning system that leaves everything in the oven sparkling clean

A Range of Cookers available to buy from Currys

This is the MIELEH2265B clst Electric Oven – Clean Steel- available to purchase from Currys at £509.00.

This is the MIELEH2561B Electric Oven – Stainless Steel- available to purchase from Currys at £699.99.

This is the MIELEH6160B Electric Oven – CleanSteel- available to purchase from Currys at £929.00.