Caesarstone quartz worktops are loved by interior designers and clients for their superior quality and design, and not forgetting the amount of different colours that are available that are suitable for both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

Caesarstone combines beauty with outstanding performance to bring you design to the imagination, and a quartz that is more durable than most stones to give you a worktop that will last for many years to come.

Caesarstone have been trading since 1987, and the surfaces of their quartz are made up of 93% natural quartz which makes them last and the stunning design that they are.

The difference between Quartz and Granite

Quartz and Granite are both durable products to form worktops in a kitchen and bathroom. Granite is formed from a natural rock, which is cut in its natural state then polished in homes. Quartz is an engineered stone made up of 93% natural quartz mineral and the 7% made up of fragments, pigments and resin to give the slab overall strength and a consistent design. They are more than just beautiful; they are one of nature’s hardest minerals.

Quartz and Granite are long lasting products, with low maintenance and heat and scratch resistant properties.

Five popular colours within the Caesarstone Quartz range…

White Attica

White is a very popular colour for a worktop, plus it will never go out of fashion. A bright white might not be your cup of tea, so a marbled white like the White Attica will certainly give you an opulent appearance to your new kitchen worktop. Combining of dense, dark and mild grey veins that run throughout on a flawless white base gives it the natural and classic marble quartz it is.

Jet Black

A black quartz is very popular in the kitchen space and will never go out of fashion. It practically goes with anything and doesn’t show the dirt. It is the ultimate black quartz with a subtle design throughout.

Atlantic Salt

You may want to add a worktop with a pattern to your style. The Atlantic Salt by Caesarstone is a wonderful mixture of brown, cream and grey flecks, which almost appear raised against the neutral background that are gathered in a mosaic pattern.


Oyster is a mid grey shade with darker flecks to create a natural looking stone. It is flexible and versatile that will suit both modern and traditional homes, providing a timeless look to architectural spaces.

Crème Brule

This is a timeless natural quartz that features a soft cream coloured background with lighter flecks running throughout. It will go with any colour and style, and the name alone sounds amazing and delicious.