A wine fridge will keep your favourite drinks in a better and more stable way due to the temperature distribution. Do you collect expensive wines? When taking good care of your most cherished wines, you need to make sure you have a stable temperature and a wine fridge does just that. A quality wine cooler will take care of the temperature, UV radiations and vibrations – a driven system for the temperature control, glass doors with UV filter and silicone-suspended compressors.

Designing one into the kitchen is a stylish option. Not only does it make it simple to serve guests perfectly chilled wine every time, but it’s the perfect upgrade to a kitchen if you decide to sell your home in the future.

There are many types of wine storage units to choose from and how to incorporate it into your space, whatever your kitchen style is, this type of appliance is the perfect addition.

Regular Refrigeration

Wine can be stored into a fridge for up to a year, however, if you plan on storing the wine for a longer period, a regular fridge will damage the taste, making a 25-year-old wine taste like a 5-year-old bottle. A regular fridge has varying temperatures that will likely not be cold enough and they will also limit the space on how many wine bottles can be stored.

A Wine Cooler

A wine cooler will help you maximise fridge space for food and makes it easier for you to find that exact beverage you’re searching for. They are crucial to the taste of the wine and allows the liquid to be at a constant temperature and chilled, ready to serve at any time. Many wines available improve with age and if stored correctly, can last for years, making them great to bring out on special occasions and to enjoy with a meal with family and friends.

They come in a range of shapes and sizes, suitable for a variety of different spaces and décor.

  • Small single wine coolers are a great idea for a kitchen or home bar. They feature one cooling area and the perfect temperature control. This means that red or white wine can be stored.
  • Higher-end wine coolers offer more special features like dual-zone storage space, racking and customised cabinets and shelving.
  • Humidity and temperature displays take the guesswork out of controlling the temperature manually. Blue LED interior lighting can also be found in many wine coolers to showcase your beautiful bottles through an elegant tempered-glass door designed to protect your collection from potentially harmful ultraviolet rays.

Where will your wine cooler be located?

There are three categories of wine fridges – free-standing, built-in and integrated wine cabinets.

  • Free-standing wine cabinets are most commonly placed on a floor or tabletop.
  • Built-in wine coolers are normally designed underneath the worktop.
  • Integrated wine cabinets normally fit directly into a kitchen unit.

How many bottles can fit?

Another important consideration when choosing the right wine cooler for you and your home is how many bottles you want to be stored. A rule of thumb is to always add an extra 50% on to the imagined number of bottles, as when you are building your collection, there’s bound to be a greater in-going flow of bottles than out-going.

With a two-zone fridge, it’s a bit more easier to calculate how many bottles you will be needing to store as the flow and replacement of bottles will typically be greater.

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